Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Appfast?

    How do I create an app?

    Which mobile platforms does Appfast support?

    Which types of app can I build using Appfast?

    What is Widget?

    What happens when I delete published apps?

    Can I recover deleted apps on Dashboard?

    If I forgot my password, what should I do?

    What kind of image formats should I use on my app?

    What is Push Notification?

    Appfast Mobile App

    What is Appfast Mobile App used for?

    Where do I download Appfast Mobile App?

    Can I create an app using Appfast Mobile App?

    Do I need to sign in when using Appfast Mobile App?


    Is Appfast free?

    Which plan should I choose?

    What happens when my plan expires?

    How will you be accepting payment?

    Can I get a receipt for my payment?

    How do I cancel my paid plan?

    Privacy Policy

    How is my app information protected?

    Does Appfast store my payment information?

    E-commerce App

    What is an E-Commerce Mobile App?

    What payment methods are available when using E-commerce app?

    What shipping carriers are available when using E-commerce app?

    Can I import product data using CSV files?

    Content manager

    What is Content Manager?

    Is Appfast responsible for the content on my app?

    Which types of website can Appfast crawl?

    Will news content be updated after it was crawled to the app?

    Can I crawl content from an unauthorised website?

    I added content in Content Manager, but don't see it in the app?

    Can I add manual content?


    Can I make money from ads on my app?

    What banner ad sizes are supported?

    Build App

    What is the fastest way to build Android apps?

    What is the fastest way to build iOS apps?

    When do I need to rebuild my app?

    My app is submitted to the stores. Do I need to rebuild the app if I make change to its design?

    Submit App to Store

    Does Appfast submit apps to AppStore/ Google Play for me?

    What I have to do to submit my app to Google Play?

    What I have to do to submit my app to AppStore?