Appfast Wallet is a WooCommerce digital wallet and cashback rewards system that lets customers deposit funds, transfer money, and make purchases with their wallet balance. It also offers Cashback Rewards, Partial Payment, Wallet Refunds.

Appfast Plugin

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Appfast Wallet, the WooCommerce electronic wallet system, offers unique features like Cashback Rewards, Partial Payment, and Wallet Refunds. With extensive customization options, you gain control. Implement Wallet to boost customer loyalty with enticing cashback rewards and drive repeat purchases. Unleash the potential of Appfast Wallet now for a more efficient WooCommerce payment system!

Flexible E-Wallet & Partial Payment

Easy and convenient for customers to pay

Appfast Wallet allows customers to load funds directly from your website’s wallet and use this money to shop on your store.

Customers can make partial payments for their orders using their wallet, making it convenient for them to manage personal finances and orders.

Cashback Rewards & Wallet Refunds

Flexible shopping experience

This system provides Cashback Rewards, enabling you to reward customers with cashback based on their shopping transactions. This can increase loyalty and motivate frequent shopping.

Appfast Wallet allows you to refund directly into your customers’ wallets, providing a flexible and convenient shopping experience.