Reward System

Reward System is a WooCommerce loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases, reviews, social promotion, and more. Earned points can be redeemed for future purchases.

Appfast Plugin

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Appfast Reward System is a powerful plugin for WooCommerce designed to help you create and manage a reward points system for your online store.


Flexible Rewarding & Using Reward Points

You can use your reward points to get discounts or pay for products

Appfast Reward Points allows you to set up reward point rules based on various customer behaviors, such as shopping, writing reviews, sharing the website, or even registering an account.

Customers can use their reward points to get discounts or make payments for products and services on your website, motivating them to continue shopping.

Easy Management

You can easily manage customer reward points

You can easily manage customer reward points through the WooCommerce admin interface. You can also award points to customers on demand or adjust their point balances as needed.

Customizable Store

Easily customize reward point display and reward rules

You can customize how reward points are displayed and the reward point rules on your website, creating a unique shopping experience for customers.

Reporting & Analytics

Helps you report and analyze reward point activity

Appfast Reward Points provides reports and analytics on reward point activities, helping you understand how customers interact with your reward point system.