The plugin for managing all communication channels in one place: Email, SMS, Direct messaging, and Push notifications.

Appfast Plugin

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Appfast Studio has seamlessly integrated with Novu – an open-source notification infrastructure designed for developers. Novu offers simple components and APIs to manage all communication channels in one place, including Email, SMS, Direct messaging, and Push notifications. For Appfast service users, this integration brings significant benefits. You don’t need to possess API knowledge or programming skills. Instead, you can simply install the Appfast plugin and start using it. Here are some advantages for Appfast service users:



Multi-Channel & Personalized & Automated Notifications

Manage notifications and receive automatic notifications easily

With Novu, you can effortlessly integrate and manage notifications from various channels like Email, SMS, Direct messaging, and Push notifications. This provides you with a wide array of notification options tailored to your preferences.

Novu enables you to receive personalized notifications based on your preferences and behavior. You’ll get notifications that are relevant and meaningful to you.
With Novu’s automation capabilities, you’ll receive important notifications without the need for constant manual configuration.

User-Friendly & Enhanced User Experience

Easy experience and easy-to-use interface

The interface of Appfast Studio and the Novu integration is designed with your ease of use in mind. You can easily customize your notification preferences and manage your settings.

Through Novu, you’ll enjoy an improved user experience, receiving notifications that are effective and accurate. This can lead to higher engagement and satisfaction.