October 15th, 2018

What is Nevable?

Nevable is a platform helping people easy to create own native mobile app quickly and automatically without coding knowledge. Built to help people to transfer their ideas into apps. Nevable can working on web platform, tablet device or setup on Mac or Windows device.

Especially, Users can review their app in real-time on their phone.


Who uses Nevable Platform?

We made Nevable for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), Startup, Celebrities, or individual users. Nevable give their the easy way to created and owned their app.


Why you should use Nevable?

With Nevable you can quickly create your own Android and iOS App from existing content: Facebook fanpage, Youtube, Instagram or website content.

App Builder Nevable enables brands to cost-effectively build and manage apps across operating systems and devices. Nevable can be utilized to build highly custom apps that can run on iOS and Android devices, in native code, as well as a progressive web app for much less than working with a dev shop. Nevable Platform is highly customizable and feature-rich, unlike other template solutions.

There is no need to code or even know how it works. Just follow few easy steps and your App is ready to work for you.


We build Nevable with 3 key technology:

  • Crawler Data

All your contents including live videos, photos or videos and users' comments on Facebook Fanpages, Youtube and Instagram will be synchronized, analysised and backed up into your apps, even if APIs changes.

  • Native App Builder

Our app development platform is built on top of React Native, supporting truly native iOS and Android interfaces and performance.

  • Real time Server / Render

Review real time what you custom interface and functions for your app.