Making Affiliate with Mobile App. Why Not?

AppfastMarch 30, 2020

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that is becoming trending, bringing enormous revenues to vendors (Advertiser) and sellers (Publisher). Affiliate users often focus on website development to save costs and increase traffic. But not because of that, the app mobile is forgotten. The fact that the combination of mobile app and affiliates offers customers a more enjoyable experience. From that, the publisher has invented much bolder marketing models, thereby helping them generate income many times more than the rest.

Making Affiliate with Mobile App. Why Not?

The potential of affiliate marketing

The source of passive income that fills the pocket even when sleeping is no stranger to people who do affiliate. You can make an affiliate from just a smartphone connected to the internet, anytime and anywhere. It can be said that this work helps us not to be influenced by any external factors (such as Covid- 19). The following statistics will show the strong potential that affiliate offers:

  • User search interest has increased by 30% for the keyword "affiliate marketing" in 2019
  • 20% of the supplier's annual revenue is generated through affiliate marketing
  • 16% of online orders are generated from affiliate marketing
  • Publishers receive a minimum of 1% for CPS orders (cost per sale) and up to 45% for CPO orders (cost per order)

The above statistics show that how great the affiliate's growth potential is for affiliate marketers. So this is no longer an individual game, but it is a serious investment from small and medium enterprises. So, what advantages does investment in developing mobile applications bring to the publisher?

The advantage when making an affiliate on the mobile app

The majority of businesses and individuals who do affiliate businesses often promote building website content combined with digital marketing resources to be able to pull lots of traffic very quickly. This has actually resulted in a large number of orders and conversions, thus this model has become a recipe for later publishers. But if you still feel that you're not really leveraging and optimizing everything you can get, the mobile app is the last piece.

The phrase "mobile first" has become so familiar to marketers. The number of mobile users accessing the internet now accounts for 90% compared to other devices. The user experience now poses a difficult problem for the mobile web, which is difficult to satisfy users compared to the mobile app. Mobile first also poses a challenge for SEO, the display area of the results becomes more cramped, the keywords become more competitive, so the source of traffic that brings the best conversion can leave you anytime. come on.

Improving user experience and retaining old traffic is a challenge for publishers. But the mobile app can solve that. Mobile applications provide faster data access speed than mobile web, more convenient operations and integrate more personalized elements for customers. It is also a great place to take care of old guests. If the content is well built, your customers hardly have any reason to leave the application on their screen. All in all, the mobile app plays an important role in improving the customer experience, as well as creating a loyal source of traffic for your marketing network.

Develop ideas for the application

What is the difference between building content for the money-making app with affiliate and website? The answer is no, you can build any creativity immediately on the mobile app. Let's point through ' million dollars' ideas that you can do right after with Appfast.

Shopping support platform

The model makes traditional affiliate but has never been obsolete by building blog shares, reviews. You can upgrade it to a newer version of the app. For example, in addition to writing a detailed review, integrate the visual scoring feature and compare the price. That will bring everything the client needs, in a convincing way to create the conversion right away. Besides, combining the sharing of discount codes and promotions, your app will become the real shopping consultation center. You can apply this form to any products.

Financial consultant

The financial campaign is becoming the hottest trend of the affiliate network. Fintech's development produces many steps of transformation in user behavior. People tend to pay more on online, demand for credit, opening cards and registering to buy insurance online also increase dizziness. This opens up the opportunity for financial publishers. A mobile app that compares credit products, reviews for financial products seems to be missing when the advertisers are blooming as it is today. The world has already made affiliate networks integrating API with banks and financial companies for the publisher to create easier conversions from marketing.

Travel Experience Review

Besides e-commerce and finance, tourism is the industry that brings huge sales to people who do affiliate. Commissions from booking activities, book tour or flight bookings are not small numbers. So what are the ideas for the marketing of travel products with the mobile app? Travel is experiences, shares, and reviews. You can create an app for users to share memorable travel moments with images and videos. Especially video, the content type delivers the best conversion and engagement on mobile devices. If you are worried that there are too many competitors, go deeper into the corners. For example, the app for backpackers who record the journey, or review dedicated to the sisters who like to travel independently. From that, the product that you are directed to make affiliate can be travel protection, airfare or cute travel accessories. Expand your content and make more creative.

App Promote

If you have already owned the website and had a stable amount of traffic, navigating the user to download the app is not too difficult. Always combine the parallel between the website and mobile app to deliver the best performance. Website is like the starting point of the user journey and the mobile app is the place to nurture their needs. Besides, you should boost the number of app settings via multiple advertising channels (Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, native ads,...)


Making money with affiliate marketing by creating a mobile app is really a lot of potentials. The obstacle that makes most of the publishers not able to build the mobile application is high cost and requires higher knowledge than the website. But with Appfast, those things will no longer bother you anymore. Appfast helps you bring your ideas to the app. No need to understand programming, just drag and drop the utility blocks then click to publish applications to the App Store IOS and Android. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining the app is also very economical, only from $16.9 per month. A solution couldn't be better for you.

You can maximize the revenue source from your affiliate by building a mobile application now. Why not? Get started right away with Appfast here.