November 6th, 2018

Create an apps without coding knowledge using Nevable Platform

With Nevable platform, you can easily to create an mobile app with simple few step.

This article will guide step by step how to create a simple app

This is the template:,c_fit,h_600/dslmxoq6kv8h1woekhhq

First, you need to sign-up an account to use Nevable platform,

After that, enter the email and password that you created before and click LOGIN button.
Now you will see a dashboard and it listed all your apps created before.
Here I have 5 apps created before. Click on an app icon to view details.
To go back to the dashboard, click on the logo.

To create a New app, simply click on the + ICON.
A pop-up will show up and you can choose one of these templates: Blank App or Other template, Currently, we are supporting 5 templates and we will update more templates soon.
Now, I choose Blank App to create a new app.
New Blank app will appear,  you can rename it by right-click and choose RENAME.
Typing any name you want and click OK.
Click on the App Icon you just created to begin.
This is the main user interface of Nevable Platform.
  • On the left-side: This black bar will show the functions to manage your app, including: Screen, Content Manager, Push Notification, Public App and more..
  • On the left-side there is Screens Listing: This place will show all screens of you app
  • On the right-side there are setting of screen, content and widget: These tabs allow you to set the config for each screen. You can add more widget into a screen.
 Currently, these are widgets we are supporting and we will update more widgets soon.
On the top-left, you can click on 75% 100% 150% to zoom in and zoom out your iPhone Emulator.
On the top-right , there are Save button and Review on your phone button
To use this function, you need to download Nevable App on AppStore (comming soon) or Google Play Store and Scan the QR code to review your app in real-time.
User-uploaded image: image.png
This is the short video clip how to create an app: